1. Creative Development

  2. Art Direction

  3. Graphic Design

  4. Brand Development

  5. Identity Creation

  6. Direct Mail

  7. Pre-press Production

  8. Digital Photography

  9. Image editing


  1. Mac OS

  2. Adobe CS5

  3. InDesign

  4. Adobe Illustrator

  5. Photoshop

  6. Photoshop Lightroom

  7. QuarkXpress

  8. Apple iLife

  9. Apple iWork

I have developed, launched and revived many brands and take pride in providing
unique creative solutions for my clients. I have art directed projects within the
healthcare, software and tech industry, as well as for food service, manufacturing, theatre, insurance groups, museums and various small businesses.

I am driven by a passion for photography and have been capturing people, places, nature and events for 20 years.

I enjoy family cottage life in summer, snowboarding in winter, as well as hiking in the company of my Nikon and vizsla named Roxy all year round. Sometimes I fit in a little
art 4 art’s sake too.

Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. I invite you to contact me
regarding your next creative opportunity and look forward to working with you
to achieve your goals.

You’ll also find me on LinkedIn.

As an accomplished Senior Art Director with 16 years of industry
related experience, my art direction and design has earned
international awards, such as Rx, Global, and In-Awe, as well as
at the local iCON awards.